The Future of Gaming with AI: Limitations, Solutions, and Predictions

The quest for enhancing AI's role in gaming is a common subject of interest among tech enthusiasts and gaming communities. Context length, for instance, plays a significant role in shaping conversation and long-term storytelling within a game's plot. Increasing the token count from 2000 to 4096 could potentially improve long-term memory and enhance user interaction.

Existing platforms such as KoboldAI, SillyTavern, and extensions such as superbooga for oobabooga have begun to leverage long term memory. However, integrating these diverse elements smoothly remains a challenge.

There are already tools like LangChain that can perform basic operations, but the complexity lies in effectively combining all components. Multi-character conversations, for instance, can be engineered into prompts, but model recognition of multi-participant chats could be improved.

A fascinating breakthrough in this field was a recent study where an AI was trained to explore and play in Minecraft. This showcases the feasibility of employing language models (LLMs) in directing game agents, thereby achieving impressive interactivity and autonomy.

With the possibility of converting models to run solely on CPU, future games might be able to dedicate GPU resources exclusively to rendering, significantly boosting performance. Coupled with the potential to incorporate LLMs into virtual reality and the capacity for emergent behavior in NPCs, this could revolutionize gaming as we know it.

The future looks promising, but substantial challenges lie ahead, particularly in long-term storytelling, prompt engineering, and fine-tuning. Despite these hurdles, the prospect of AI enhancing gaming experiences is more a question of 'when' rather than 'if'.

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