Discussing Prompt Formatting and a Helpful Extension

In the comments, users are discussing various aspects of prompt formatting in AI models, such as the proper use of brackets, parentheses, and square brackets for adjusting weights. One user questions the example given for nested brackets and suggests an alternative formatting. Another user asks about the purpose of empty parentheses, while another user wonders if the same prompts in a different order yield different results.

Color coding the prompts is proposed as a potential method to make them easier to read. A user shares a link to a useful extension they created for the automatic's web-ui called Prompt Formatter. This extension removes excessive commas and whitespaces, adds commas as needed, removes unpaired bracketing, and converts nested brackets to weights. The user expresses interest in further improving the prompting workflow and shares some ideas, such as using keyboard shortcuts to adjust weights.

Tags: prompt formatting, nested brackets, weights, extension, Prompt Formatter

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