Exploring AI Models for Role-playing

If you're into role-playing and interactive fiction, there are several exciting AI models and projects worth checking out. Here's a roundup of some intriguing options:

  • KoboldCPP: You want to be running KoboldCPP, not ooba. Not only is it better optimized for pure CPU inference, but it has a lot of tools built in to facilitate RP. Setting up lorebooks and world info takes some time, but once done, it's pretty slick.
  • AI Roguelite: Something cool along these lines is AI Roguelite on Steam. It's a work in progress, offering a unique approach by handling mechanics on its own while using AI for text and multimedia generation. Choose between local or remote generation.
  • Goliath 120B: Consider checking out Goliath 120B, the best model for role-playing, especially for interactive fiction/RPG scenarios.

For those looking to go beyond AI Dungeon, projects like Chasm Engine might pique your interest. It offers a bit more depth for those who want to take their role-playing experiences to the next level.

If you're interested in a more stable role-playing experience, LlamaTale is worth a look. It provides a different but stable experience compared to pure storytelling models, with ongoing updates to enhance the user experience.

When it comes to running your own adventures, models like Llama2 7B provide the flexibility to generate stories, locations, creatures, etc. You can even save and continue your adventures at a later time, thanks to the recent updates.

For local models, Dan's Adventurous Winds 7B and AI Dungeon 2 Classic are recommended, each offering unique features for text adventures.

For those interested in comparisons between different models, these Reddit threads provide insightful discussions: LLM Comparison Test (Mistral 7B Updates, OpenHermes), Huge LLM Comparison Test Part II (7B, 20B Roleplay).

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